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A Free 3-Part Mini Course
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for a calm, attentive horse 

that wants to listen to you, trusts you and learns fast!

  • Does your horse get excited in groups and stops listening?

  • Does your horse get quickly hyper-focused and you ‘hope' that nothing will happen?

  • Is your horse dull and unmotivated, and you need to apply tons of pressure?

  • Does your horse hide his nervousness and blows up seemingly out of nowhere?

  • Does your horse disconnect quickly from you and ‘takes care of himself’?

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If a blind horse can learn this...

I'm Morgan Wagner and you probably know me as the trainer of Endo the Blind.

Over the last 15 years, horse lovers all over the world have followed my journey with Endo and how I developed a way to teach Endo to trust me no matter what. 

You'll followed my progress with Emma, another blind horse, and there too you've seen the level of attention, calmness and trust we've been able to develop.

Now I'm taking all this experience to help you and your horse (sighted and blind) to create a healthy, happy, mutually trusting relationship.

This FREE email series will show you to interact with your horse at liberty

in a way that allows you to
raise and lower your horse’s energy and attention at any time…

For mutual safety, faster learning, deeper trust and a lasting connection

You’ll discover:

  • Why outdated horse training methods only set your horse (and you) up to fail

  • Why food and bribes won’t work when your horse perceives real danger 

  • Why using dominance methods only make your horse’s training slow down and increases the chance of bolting

  • Why most horses could learn so much faster if they were in the right learning zone

  • How to help your horse stay in a focused learning zone during your entire time together

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Your 1st lesson is on its way into your inbox!

The horse that can do anything a sighted horse can do...and more

©2021 - Founder Morgan Wagner - All Rights Reserved 

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