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Morgan Wagner

As my trainer, friend, and my eyes Morgan has for years documented our journey on social media for close to half a million of our fans from all over the world.  


When I first went from exuberant young gelding to a scared blind horse, Morgan sought out the advice of many renowned trainers, but none of them could tell her how to train a blind horse.

No wonder. 

Traditional training methods heavily rely on horses' ability to see. 

I couldn’t, and with that, she started developing new ways to help me ‘listen’.


It was only after she discovered the power of voice cues as a new beautiful way to communicate with me, that I started trusting her fully.

As a result, today, she inspires our fans and clients to ever greater heights and deeper trust with their own sighted horses…horses ready for fun new adventures with their humans.


This training approach of ‘listening’ on 3 levels became Morgan’s trademark tool for working with blind and sighted horses. 

This unique method includes a large variety of voice cues that allow her to play safely with a wide range energy levels, which she loves doing best at liberty.


With over 15 years of training experience, Morgan knows how to help her clients build a deeper bond than they’ve ever imagined. 

Learn how you too can melt with your horse’s mind in a way that withstands even the most intimidating distractions, closes the gap between human and horse, and overturns any need for force and dominance. 


When not training her own horses or demonstrating Endo’s capabilities, Morgan takes in horses for training at her beautiful facility in Corvallis, Oregon and creates new, innovative online courses for committed horse lovers all over the world. 

Read more about her services below...


Morgan is available for training at our beautiful barn in Corvalis Oregon, USA and if you ask really nicely, she'll also come out to you (within driving distance of course!)

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