This is what a blind horse can do

The Competitor

Endo competes at the highest level in a discipline the requires dressage and obstacles.

With Morgans help, the pair is able to navigate bridges, gates, intricate manures through poles and over jumps using communication and teamwork.

Morgan cues Endo to jump with voice cues. They practice competition height at home, so Endo assumes all jumps are that height for their safety.

​Since they are penalized for the use of voice Morgan uses non verbal cues to navigate Endo safely through other obstacles.

To step up on the bridge, she taps Endos elbow with the toe of her boot when he needs to lift his leg higher when he takes a step onto the bridge.

The final phase is the speed round which is Endo's favorite. He wants to go fast and definitively shows his love for competing.

Endo the Blind

The Actor

Endo and Morgan performed in Caravan Farm Theater's 'The Night's Mare'.

He was the star of the show. His huge assortment of tricks added depth to his parts. 

He loved performing amd learned there applause means 'goodboy'.  Endo also learned "Endo go" on the walkie talkies and tried to get to the stage are on his own. we had to switch to thumbs up so Endo couldn't anticipate 

The friend

Endo and Morgan have been bonded together since the beginning.

Advertunes, hard times battles with health

Always there for each other no matter what came at them.

Morgan was diagnosed with Lupus shortly before Endo had his first flare ups. He  learned how to help Morgan before it was her turn to do that with him.

The performer

Endo perform across the US and Canada



A few special performance routines have been created over the years.

Liberty work is a crowd favorite. vitis with fans in the stall areas